Our Infrastructure
Computer Centre:
The well equipped Computer Laboratory consisting of the state of the art Server and Computers helps the students to become IT savvy and gives leverage to the power of IT in making learning informative, and to become efficient Professionals. Unlimited Internet connectivity is available with variety of software that includes Multimedia Visual Studio, Database Tools, Market Research Tools such as SYSTAT 8.0, MATLAB, Operation Research Tools as TORA, Accounting Tools such as TALLY, and Office Automation tools, to name a few. The institute has always been striving for excellence to develop and modernize its Computer Laboratory.
Library (A Temple of Books):
An extensive collection of books and publication in the library serve as backbone of continuous learning. In the present era where the phrase “knowledge is power” is true, the resources offered by library are no small contribution to your current and future success. DPC IM boasts of a well-equipped and adequately stocked library with about 10,000 books and subscription to various well known national and international journals as well as various Management Magazines. The Institute is committed to keep library updated with latest editions of books and new titles. We are planning to establish E-Library in future acquiring CDs from different sources.
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