Dual Specialization-Major/Minor

The specializations offered are subject to number of students opting for it.

Course Structure
To many people the world Management means running a business or being part of one. At DPCIM management means that, and much more. It means maximizing value.

We believe our students should comprehend the myriad elements that have an impact on business both internally and externally; grasp overall business objectives, decide innovative & creative means of realizing them and know how to lead even while creating & demonstrating the skills of a true team player.

DPCIM provides strong foundation grounding in all management functions and disciplines, enabling both generalists and specialists to meet their individual career goals. There is a special emphasis on the balance between theory and practice believing that managers require both intellectual and experimental backgrounds to succeed in running and expanding today's complex organization.
Course Design:

The full time PGDM (MBA Equivalent) Programme consists of 4 semesters spread over a period of two years.

Foundation Building:1st Year
The first year subjects are strategically planned to provide a strong foundation to the students. The core courses develop the basis for critical and analytical sound thinking. The academic programme of DPCIM is unique for providing a rigorous background in the functional areas of Management like Marketing, Finance, HRD, Systems and Business in its entirety. The courses foster the application of learning to complex unstructured real life problems by using Cases, Group Discussions, Projects and field visits extensively.

The students are frequently taken by the Institute on visits to reputed industries. These industrial visits enable the students to see the various management processes in action and increase their conceptual clarity.

Between the first and second year the students have to undergo training for a period of 2 months with a business organization in order to test and understand reality with the inputs got in the first year. The training work is then evaluated on the basis of training report and viva voce examination.
Dual Specialization: 2nd Year
One of the most important aspect that sets DPC-IM distinctively is its Dual Specialization Programme.

In the cut throat competitive environment one has to keep oneself ahead of others which require an extra effort. The students are provided flexibility to specialize in any two areas of their interest from amongst Marketing, Financial and Human Resource during the 2nd year of the programme. Students can choose over 15 electives that provide new knowledge base and brings current issues into the curriculum.
Project Work
During the last semester of final year, the students of both the programmes are required to undertake a detailed Project Work in fulfillment of requirement of the programme. They are also required to submit a Project Report. The project work is evaluated on the basis of Project Report and viva voce
Academic Calendar
First Semester - July to November
Second Semester - December to April
Summer Training - May & June
Third Semester - July to November
Fourth Semester - December to April
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